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We rent Fiat Pana, Smart, and Jeeps

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4x4 or Quads

We rent 4x4's or Quads. What ever you like to call them, we rent them.

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Zip around the island on one of our excellent Mopeds

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Rent a car in Mykonos at Athina Autoway Car Rental. The car rental company Athina Autoway in Mykonos offers its services over 2 generations, renting cars and motorcycles providing quality and personalised service. The company's fleet includes cars, motorbikes, mopeds, 4 x 4 and quads in excellent condition because of the frequent mechanical control. If you are interested in renting a car in Mykonos, contact us using the contact form on our website or by calling us, and check out the availabilities and current offers.

In order to save waiting in lines and to have the opportunity to plan your day the way you want, it is better to rent your own car or motorbike in Mykonos. The car is the best choice to enjoy your holidays in Mykonos with safety and comfort.

Athina Autoway is the best choice for those who want to rent a car in Mykonos. The personalised services of our company include pick-up and drop-off of cars and bikes anywhere in Mykonos. Furthermore, every week you can take advantage of the offerings of our company for several vehicle

Why visit Mykonos: Because it represents the Greek summer in the best ways: sun, beaches and nightlife. The beaches of Mykonos are some of the most famous in Europe and is one of the reasons that contributed to the tourist development of the island.

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